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Processing Pea Cultivar Evaluation 2006

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Title: Processing Pea Cultivar Evaluation 2006
Author: Zandstra, J.W.; Squire, R.C.
Description: Thirty-two pea cultivars were submitted to the 2006 trial, with Spring and Encore included as standards for comparison. Plots were established on 06 May 2006 on a Brookston clay loam sand spot phase soil at the Ridgetown College Research Farm. Based on soil nutrient analysis, additional phosphorous and potassium were not required, and no nitrogen was applied. No seed treatments were applied other than what was present when the seed came from the supplier. The peas were seeded at a rate of 1 375 000 plant/ha (550 000 plants/acre) into rows spaced at 18 cm (7") using a 12- row Wintersteiger double cone plot seeder. Seed lots for small plots were prepared by counting a reference sample with a seed counter and making additional samples based on weight. Separate 100 seed plots were established to determine percent emergence.
Date: 2006
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