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Dr. T. Ryan Gregory


My interests in the life sciences are very broad and cover many different disciplines -- including genomics, cytogenetics, cell biology, morphology, behaviour, physiology, developmental biology, ecology, and palaeontology -- all linked by the unifying theme of evolution. Although my primary research focus is on genome evolution, I consider myself a biologist first, an evolutionary biologist second, and a genome biologist third. Most of my undergraduate education was based in organismal biology such as behaviour and physiology; my interest in genome evolution developed somewhat later, during the early stages of my graduate program, and has only increased since then. Nevertheless, I maintain a keen interest in the biology of organisms, and have sought to integrate genomics and organismal biology as much as possible in my research. In keeping with this, I am currently working to build a Division of Genomic Diversity within the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, which will create further links between the study of genomes and of the organisms in which they reside.

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