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Manipulation of C27 Cylinder Heads

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Title: Manipulation of C27 Cylinder Heads
Author: Renaud, Matthew; Hoang, Daniel; Farrow, Cameron
Abstract: The CAMTAC plant in Guelph, Ontario manufactures a number of cylinder heads for Caterpillar machines. The C27 is the largest cylinder head manufactured at the plant, weighing approximately 270kg. At the C27 rework station technicians currently use a metal bar to manually flip the cylinder head to access the opposite side, causing excessive strain on the shoulder and back. A design solution is proposed for the mechanical manipulation of CAMTAC C27 cylinder heads. The design utilizes specially designed mounting brackets combined with a motorized lift table and a high-torque electric motor to rotate the cylinder head 180 degrees about its long axis and safely return it to resting position. The design is expected to cost approximately $5500.
Date: 2008

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