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Heterosexist Suspicion of a Queer Outsider

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Title: Heterosexist Suspicion of a Queer Outsider
Author: McGlade-Ferentzy, Quinn
Department: Department of Philosophy
Program: Philosophy
Advisor: Brennan, Samantha
Abstract: This project is an attempt to reconcile an increased legal inclusion of queer people into Canadian law, with an existing and troubling vein of transphobic thought in feminist philosophy. The centre of this project is Bill C-16, and how this bill exemplifies the classic liberal ideals of equality. All citizens should, in theory, be able to participate in public life. My goal is to explore what norms make this difficult if not impossible, and different ways to think about citizenship that can ameliorate inequality. My core interest is to answer, in a non-simplistic way, “why don’t people listen”? I use this question to ask why people do not listen to women about sexism, to non binary people about their gender, and so forth. I ask “why don’t people listen?” to explore the ways in which our understanding of belonging and civility, and even reasonableness, is rooted in a binary gender system.
Date: 2020
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