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Cardiomyocyte-derived Erythropoietin: A Novel Player in Cardiac Regulation

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Title: Cardiomyocyte-derived Erythropoietin: A Novel Player in Cardiac Regulation
Author: Alshamali, Razan
Department: Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Program: Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Advisor: Simpson, Jeremy
Abstract: Recently, EPO emerged as a pleiotropic hormone with roles beyond hematopoiesis. While the kidney is considered the primary source of EPO, expression also occurs in other organs. Albeit, the physiological significance of these extra-renal sources is unknown. EPO is cardioprotective and increases myocardial contractility, in animal models. However, these studies rely on supraphysiological doses of rhEPO. Thus, the aim of this thesis was to identify an endogenous cardiac source of EPO and investigate its role in the heart. We hypothesized that the heart produces EPO and acts as an inotropic and a cytoprotective agent. A Cardiomyocyte-specific deletion of EPO (EPOfl/fl-CM) resulted in an increase in left ventricular EPO expression. This increase in cardiac-derived EPO did not translate to an increase in hematocrit levels. EPOfl/fl-CM mice exhibited an increase in inotropy and improved cardiac recovery post I/R. This thesis shows the heart as a non-renal source of EPO, regulating cardiac function.
Date: 2019-12
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