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An Integrative Model and Meta-Analysis of Experienced Incivility and its Correlates

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Title: An Integrative Model and Meta-Analysis of Experienced Incivility and its Correlates
Author: Chris, Alexandra
Department: Department of Psychology
Program: Psychology
Advisor: González-Morales, M. Gloria
Abstract: The present study examines meta-analytic relations between experienced incivility and ill-being, job attitudes, work behaviours, and individual differences and provides an integrative conceptual framework describing these relations. It builds on previous meta-analytic work by examining incivility correlates that have not previously been meta-analyzed and moderators related to measurement, occupation type, source of incivility, and gender. Omnibus analyses and categorical moderators were examined using Hunter-Schmidt (2004) calculations and continuous moderators were examined using a hybrid of Hunter-Schmidt (2004) and Hedges-Olkin (1985). Results indicated that experienced incivility was negatively related to job satisfaction and positively related to trait negative affect, stress, emotional exhaustion, somatic symptoms, turnover intentions, and enacted incivility. Additionally, results of moderator analyses indicated that the effect of incivility on job satisfaction and enacted incivility was strongest in human service samples. Furthermore, supervisor incivility had the strongest effect on emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions, whereas outsider incivility had the weakest effects. Finally, in relation to measurement, longer reference periods were related to weaker effect sizes for job satisfaction and somatic symptoms. I discuss theoretical and practical implications as well as directions for future research.
Date: 2019-08-06
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