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A Polysaccharide-Based Vaccine Against Campylobacter jejuni

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dc.contributor.advisor Monteiro, Mario Crha, Jennifer 2019-08-08T17:34:14Z 2019-07 2019-07-25 2019-08-08
dc.description.abstract This thesis describes the development of a polysaccharide-based vaccine against the major cause of bacterial diarrhea, the food-borne pathogen, Campylobacter jejuni. C. jejuni is a leading cause of traveler’s diarrhea and can be deadly, especially in children. Military forces are a group that is highly prone to Campylobacteriosis. Weeks after a diarrheal episode, a patient may also suffer from autoimmune diseases, such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome. C. jejuni exposes serotype-specific polysaccharide capsules (CPS) that play a role in virulence. In our group, we study the use of CPSs as C. jejuni vaccine targets, and previously an efficacious prototype CPS conjugate vaccine against C. jejuni serotype HS:23 was synthesized. In this work, fine structural analysis of serotype HS:4B (strain PG3643) CPS revealed a disaccharide repeating unit composed of glucopyranose (Glc) and L-glycero-D-ido-heptopyranose (Hep), or its 6-deoxy derivative (6d-Hep): [→4)-β-ᴅ-Glc-(1→3)-β-6dHep/Hep-(1→]. This CPS was further decorated by O-methyl-phosphoramidate (MeOPN) units at positions 2 or 7 of 6d-Hep. The HS:4B CPS was selectively linked to a protein carrier that yielded a conjugate which reacted with anti-HS:4 antisera. Of particular significance, immunochemical analysis of the HS:4B conjugate also revealed that the O-methyl group in MeOPN may not be involved in antibody recognition. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Thank you to NSERC and the U.S. NMRC. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject carbohydrate en_US
dc.subject polysaccharide en_US
dc.subject vaccine en_US
dc.subject campylobacter en_US
dc.subject jejuni en_US
dc.subject C. jejuni en_US
dc.subject monteiro en_US
dc.subject crha en_US
dc.subject based en_US
dc.subject glycoconjugate en_US
dc.title A Polysaccharide-Based Vaccine Against Campylobacter jejuni en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Chemistry en_US Master of Science en_US Department of Chemistry en_US
dc.description.embargo 2020-07-25
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