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Alternate Public Pool Design: UV Treatment and Arena Heat Recovery

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Title: Alternate Public Pool Design: UV Treatment and Arena Heat Recovery
Author: Hebert, Peter; Leering, Michael; Sones, Adrienne; Tudhope, Kevin
Abstract: This paper presents a half size Olympic pool system focusing on renewable energy and alternatives to chemical treatment. The aim of this design is to reduce the harmful chemical effects on swimmers as well as to minimize the pool's energy requirements from a utility source. As a means of primary pool water treatment, a low pressure low intensity ultraviolet (UV) water treatment system is used with a contact time of 1.8 s. This system includes 3 light banks containing 16 bulbs each which can reduce chlorine levels from 2.0 ppm to 0.5 ppm. A chlorine residual of 0.5 ppm must be maintained in the pool at all times as required by the Ontario Ministry of Health [1]. Calculations were conducted on the design to ensure that the UV treatment and heating systems are both suitable alternatives to the current standards in Ontario pool treatment and heating methods. The proposed system design also includes a complete and integrated circulation system including; drainage, filters, pump requirements, pH and chlorine controls, in addition to the UV treatment and heating unit. The overall cost of this project has been estimated at $1.5 million, with an approximated $300,000 in annual operation costs.
Date: 2007

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