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Salt Water Disinfection as an Alternative Pool Sanitation

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Title: Salt Water Disinfection as an Alternative Pool Sanitation
Author: Arnold, Lucas F.; Corbett Hains, Hamish R.; Snider, Derek C.; Ziter, Brett G.
Abstract: SACZ Engineering was approached in order to determine a method for treating a pool water system without imparting spiked chlorine concentrations, and their associated health risks, into the system. A saltwater chlorinator system was designed in order to overcome this problem by providing constant chlorine levels in the pool system. This design consists of a device which conducts electrolysis on salt water in order to produce chlorine gas which is immediately dissolved into the pool water. Research was conducted into the various pre-existing pool treatment methods and it was found that this method is the most desirable both financially and from an operational feasibility point of view.
Date: 2007
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