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Design of a Natural Pool

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Title: Design of a Natural Pool
Author: Cowlin, William S. R.; Hamilton, Janna L.; Piagno, Haley M.; Yochim, April T.
Abstract: Current regulations do not allow public pool water to be treated with methods other than using chlorine or bromine compounds, but the use of these chemicals have been inconclusively shown to correlate with respiratory problems such as asthma in pool users. A UV disinfection unit is proposed in this paper to be able to sufficiently treat the proposed outdoor public pool at the University of Soeville to the water quality standards outlined by Ontario regulations. As the pool is a seasonal facility and utilizes solar thermal collectors as the main source of water heating, the design actually helps conserve energy as well. It is shown in this design that UV disinfection is just as capable as chlorine or bromine in treating pool water, and is actually less harmful than using chemicals for treatment.
Date: 2007

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