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An Exploration of University Campus Design Standards for Student Mental Health

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Title: An Exploration of University Campus Design Standards for Student Mental Health
Author: Damone, Victoria
Department: School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
Program: Landscape Architecture
Advisor: Perkins, Nathan
Abstract: Mental health and well-being are increasing topics of concern, as one in five Canadians will experience a mental illness. This issue is especially prevalent amongst children and adolescents aged 15-24, making this demographic the most vulnerable. Although there is significant evidence linking the positive connection between the natural environment and mental health, many University Campus Master Plans do not recognize the value in planning for restorative landscapes on campus. This study explores the current Campus Master Plan at the University of Guelph and how the creation of an evaluative toolkit can aid in future planning and design guidelines for restorative spaces. The examination of campus planning policies, post occupancy evaluation and input from key informants helped to inform and validate the restorative landscape assessment toolkit. It is ultimately intended to determine the restorative and therapeutic value of an environment on campus and subsequently demonstrate both the value of preserving and planning for these spaces on campus.
Date: 2019-05
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