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Examining the impacts of large scale development in the Township of Tay

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Title: Examining the impacts of large scale development in the Township of Tay
Author: Pauk, Jonathan
Department: School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
Program: Rural Planning and Development
Advisor: Caldwell, Wayne
Abstract: The shorelines in the Georgian Bay basin are among some of the most pristine and visually appealing in Ontario. However, these shorelines are under stress due to urbanization and increased shoreline development. Adapting to this increased development requires rigorous land use planning practices as well as commitment by planners to accurately manage shoreline development pressures. The purpose of this research paper is to offer recommendations to planning authorities in Ontario that are currently experiencing an increase of shoreline development applications. Further, this research paper is hoped to provide a proactive approach to planning through a series of best practices to consider when planning for development along the shorelines in the Georgian Bay basin. Research objectives will be achieved by first introducing the issues surrounding large scale developments in rural areas followed by a statement of goals and objectives. Background information on the Township of Tay will include the area's history regional growth patterns. Following this, a background on the proposed Skyline development in Port McNicoll will be presented and will investigate the importance of considering the character and long term goals of rural communities. The goals of this research paper are to: 1) analyze the applicable provincial and local policies that pertain to the Skyline development and 2) off a series of best practices for large scale shoreline developments in areas of the Georgian Bay basin. Therefore, helping to ensure more effective land use planning practices along sensitive shoreline areas. It is anticipated that this report will help to reveal a more effective land use planning strategy that the municipalities in the Georgian Bay Basin region could consider implementing into their land use planning practices.
Date: 2019-05-06
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