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Laboratory sediment bioassay report on Wheatley Harbour sediments 1992

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Title: Laboratory sediment bioassay report on Wheatley Harbour sediments 1992
Author: Bedard, D.; Petro, S.
Abstract: Sediments were sampled from Wheatley Harbour and Muddy Creek located along the north shore of Lake Erie in 1992 in order to carry out a laboratory biological assessment of contaminated sediments from that Area of Concern. The main objectives of the study were: 1) To describe the level of inorganic and organic chemical contamination in surficial sediments at one reference and five test locations; 2) To assess the toxicity of whole-sediments in laboratory tests using the mayfly, Hexagenia limbata (survival and growth, 21-day exposure), the midge, Chironomus tentans (survival and growth, 11-day exposure) and the juvenile fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas (survival, 21-day exposure); 3) To determine the availability of sediment-bound organic contaminants to the forage fish, Pimephales promelas after a 21 day exposure period.
Date: 1995
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