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Binbrook Reservoir (Glanbrook Township) water quality assessment and management implication

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Title: Binbrook Reservoir (Glanbrook Township) water quality assessment and management implication
Author: Gemza, Andy
Abstract: Binbrook Reservoir is a hardwater, polymictic, eutrophic reservoir experiencing mean annual water clarity of less than 1.0 m. Total chlorophyll a concentrations that were weakly correlated to Secchi disc visibilities and the absence of a significant chlorophyll a /turbidity relationship, combined with a negative correlation between Secchi disc and turbidity suggested that water clarity was principally governed by non-algal turbidity. Approximately 63% of the variation in Secchi depth was explained by: ln Secchi disc(m) = -0.029 turbidity (FTU) - 0.15 Turbidity levels were highest in the upper regions of the reservoir, as were TP concentrations. Total phosphorus was also highly correlated with turbidity levels: Total phosphorus (mg/L) = 0.013 turbidity(FTU) + 0.0247 (r=0.813), suggesting that phosphorus loads were runoff related and a result of agricultural practices in the Welland River watershed. The reservoir experienced high spring nitrate levels with a linear seasonal nitrate depletion rate in both years of the study. Periodically during stratification, the hypolimnion experienced anoxia. During these periods increases in hypolimnetic phosphorus, ammonium and manganese levels were observed, suggesting that sediment nutrient release was occurring. Euphotic zone TN:TP ratios peaked during mid-summer and fell through the second half of the season coinciding with reports of nitrogen fixing blue-green algal blooms in the late summer of each year.
Date: 1994
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