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The erosion and sediment control practices study: Summary report - January 1993

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Title: The erosion and sediment control practices study: Summary report - January 1993
Author: Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority; Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Abstract: In October 1991, a study group composed of representatives from MTRCA and MOE determined to find the real causes for poor erosion control at construction sites, and to make recommendations that would protect nearby watercourses effectively. The work was funded by the Clean Sweep Lottery and the Toronto Area Watershed Management Extension Studies, while the Provincial Urban Drainage Advisory Committee (PUDAC), which had identified sediment and erosion control as a key element in its 1991/92 action plan, acted as the steering committee. From the outset, the study focused on erosion at urban construction sites in order to fill a significant gap in understanding. Other initiatives were already well underway to address rural erosion problems, such as Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB), and erosion due to highway construction. Together, these efforts represent a comprehensive approach to a watershed's erosion and sedimentation problems. To solve the problem of erosion and sedimentation at urban construction sites across the province, the study group recommends: 1) That local municipalities adopt and enforce Top Soil Preservation By-laws, allowing them to control erosion and sedimentation at construction sites from an early stage; and that the Province aid the municipalities by developing a Model Top Soil By-law; 2) That the Province set up and carry out compliance monitoring programs on an interim basis in areas that do not have a Top Soil By-law, and audit construction sites in municipalities that do; 3) That the Province reallocate and reorganize staff and funds at the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and MOE to better enforce and prosecute under the Federal Fisheries Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA), in order to strengthen new local Top Soil By-laws; 4) That the Province encourage the development of a training course for contractors, consulting engineers, developers, and employees of regulatory agencies in the proper practices of erosion and sediment control at construction sites; 5) That the Province sponsor smaller, hands-on workshops for those same groups, emphasizing field work, and encouraging discussion and feedback. 6) The Provincial Urban Drainage Advisory Committee (PUDAC) may be an appropriate group to conduct such workshops, augment the existing Guidelines, and produce a reference handbook for contractors in the field. This summary report explains the background and rationale for the above recommendations.
Date: 1993
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