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The chemical water quality of Lake Nipissing 1988 - 1990

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Title: The chemical water quality of Lake Nipissing 1988 - 1990
Author: Neary, B. P.; Clark, B. J.
Abstract: The chemical water quality of Lake Nipissing was assessed between 1988 and 1990. Surveys were conducted monthly during the open water season at 26 stations throughout the lake. Results show that Lake Nipissing is a mesotrophic (moderately enriched with nutrients) lake capable of supporting a healthy warmwater fishery. The shallow depth of most of the lake, coupled with its long fetch, enables the wind to mix the water throughout the water column, sustaining high levels of dissolved oxygen. Eutrophic conditions and periodic algae blooms were observed in two relatively sheltered embayments: Callander Bay and Cache Bay. Agricultural activity in the watersheds of rivers flowing into these embayments is the likely source of the eutrophication, and phosphorus concentrations in these bays exceed the Provincial Water Quality Objectives. Vertical and horizontal mixing in the main body of the lake reduces the impact of nutrient loading from urban runoff and sewage treatment plant effluent from North Bay. Alkalinity levels in the lake are sufficient to protect the lake from any adverse effects of acidification. Calcium concentrations are likely too low to allow invasion of zebra mussels.
Date: 1992
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