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Septage sludge dewatering feasibility study

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Title: Septage sludge dewatering feasibility study
Author: Dawdy, Blake F.
Abstract: Over 1.5 million people in Ontario depend on septic tanks and tile beds for disposal of domestic sewage. Increasing awareness of the Impact of septic systems upon lakes, watercourses and the environment in general is promoting more effective management techniques for these systems and modifications to improve their performance. Measures being considered include mandatory pumpout of septic tanks at regular intervals and the incorporation of chemical precipitation systems, for phosphorus removal, into septic systems located adjacent to nutrient sensitive lakes or rivers. lt is likely that such measures will double the volumes of septage that must be disposed of in this province within the next decade. Current conventional methods of septage disposal such as discharge to municipal sewer systems, disposal in exfiltration lagoons and application to agricultural Lands have significant drawbacks. Continued reliance on such methods with the anticipated increase in volumes of septage may result in serious environmental problems. This study provides an overview of existing septage collection and disposal techniques in the North Bay area, likely future changes in the volumes and nature of the septage, possible nutrient removal techniques for domestic septic tank systems, the suitability of innovative mobile septage sludge dewatering schemes from other jurisdictions for application in the North Bay area, alternative septage disposal techniques and makes recommendations for future action.
Date: 1991
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Related Publications: Dawdy, B.F., Septage Sludge Dewatering Feasibility Study, a report prepared for the CETEC committee, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, November, 1990.

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