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Fanshawe Lake: The need for water quality management in Southern Ontario reservoirs

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Title: Fanshawe Lake: The need for water quality management in Southern Ontario reservoirs
Author: Vandermeulen, H.; Gemza, A.
Abstract: Southern Ontario has the potential for the widespread construction and retrofitting of small reservoirs for hydroelectric power generation. As a consequence of the naturally fertile soils and intensive agricultural operations in much of southwestern Ontario, these reservoirs have become highly eutrophic and suffer from bottom water dissolved oxygen depletions and extensive blue-green algal blooms which degrade fish habitat and aesthetic values. Monitoring of hardwater reservoirs in the area indicates that bottom draw schemes for power generation are likely to release water of unacceptable quality. Data from Fanshawe Reservoir are presented as typical for these eutrophic hardwater systems, with Secchi depths of 3.5 to 0.4 m, an alkalinity of 207 to 92 mg/L as CaCO3, chlorophyll a concentrations of 138 to 3 ?g/L, euphotic zone total nitrogen at 9.22 to 1.07 mg/L as N and euphotic zone total phosphorus values of 0.138 to 0.044 mg/L as P. Methods to improve reservoir and tail water quality are discussed. Water quality management should become a major component of the management of reservoirs in southern Ontario.
Date: 1991
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