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Chemical analysis for evaluation of soil sorption properties

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Title: Chemical analysis for evaluation of soil sorption properties
Author: Zarnett, G. D.
Abstract: The movement of contaminants through soil poses a major difficulty in the design and planning of private waste treatment systems. The problems connected with waste treatment using tile field systems require knowledge of the capacity or degree of uptake of specific contaminants by the soil, the effect of concentration, and the rate of movement. To evaluate the capabilities of soils for contaminant removal, the analyses and technique described on the following pages will be useful in this respect. Of the techniques described, the soil adsorption isotherm determination is the most informative for determining soil capacities for single and multi species systems and the concomitant effects of varying concentration. The rate of contaminant movement can then be calculated using the isotherm parameters.
Date: 1974
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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