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The effects of small dams on water quality

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Title: The effects of small dams on water quality
Author: Sandilands, Al
Abstract: Because of the many mill dams and weirs in the Grand River watershed, we thought it desirable to know what effect these small dams had on water quality. It is well known that they often form a barrier to migrating fish and some aquatic invertebrates but actual chemical and physical differences have not often been determined. To study the effects of the mill dams, 24 hours were spent at the Queen Street dam in Galt and at the Bissel dam in Elora. Water samples were taken above and below the dam at the same time and analyzed for the various parameters using a Hach DR-EL kit. Members of the survey crew were careful to take all samples from exactly the same spot. Since temperature was recorded only to the nearest and dissolved oxygen concentrations to the nearest 0.2 mg/L, dissolved oxygen saturations may vary approximately 2 percent. The effects of small stone dams on oxygen and temperature were recorded from Black Creek, approximately 200 yards below the Luther dam. Two stations were set up as a control. One day later a small rock dam was constructed below the upper station. This dam raised the water level approximately 6 inches at the first station. At this time another station was initiated below the upper dam. Another dam of the same size was constructed below the bottom station with another station started below the second dam. This experiment was to evaluate this type of structure as a stream improvement device. Curves of oxygen saturations above and below the. Galt and Elora dams are in Appendix I. Results of the other chemical parameters tested at these two dams are also in the first appendix. A summary of results from the small dams at Luther is in Appendix II.
Date: 1973
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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