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Report of water quality in Lower Buckhorn Lake

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Title: Report of water quality in Lower Buckhorn Lake
Author: Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Abstract: Surveys were carried out in Lower Buckhorn Lake in 1972 in May, July, and October, to evaluate the present status of the water quality with respect to bacteria, algae, mineral chemistry, nutrients and dissolved oxygen concentrations. Lower Buckhorn Lake is located in Harvey and Smith townships, County of Peterborough. The north shore of the lake lies along the southern extent of the Precambrian Shield. This area is characterized by rocky outcrop and shallow overburden covering the bedrock. The rest of the lake lies within the Trenton Black River Geological Region and is characterized by shallow soil over a limestone bedrock. The topography is generally flat with little rocky outcrop. The overall bacteriological water quality for recreational use was generally good with the exception of two areas. The inflow area of the Mississagua River and the heavily cottaged Deer Bay Creek area appeared to be affected by bacterial inputs. The moderately enriched nature of the lake was revealed by relatively high mean total Kjeldahl nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations - two nutrients critical to aquatic plant and algae growth. Densities of suspended algae, as measured by chlorophyll a concentrations were moderately high and water clarity was fairly poor. Bottom water depletion of dissolved oxygen to levels of 15 to 25 percent saturation were observed during the summer survey.
Date: 1972
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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