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Report of water quality in Golden Lake

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Title: Report of water quality in Golden Lake
Author: Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Abstract: Surveys were carried out in Golden Lake in 1972 in June, August and October, to evaluate the present status of the water quality with respect to bacteria, algae and aquatic plant growth. Plant nutrient and dissolved oxygen concentrations in the surface and bottom waters were determined. Golden Lake is located in the County of Renfrew and lies within the Canadian Shield. The area is characterized by roiling hills, and shallow overburden covering crystalline bedrock. The west end of the lake is flat and poorly drained. The remaining shoreline is gradual to steeply sloping with frequent rocky outcrops. The bacteriological water quality of Golden Lake was quite good with the exception of the inflow of Brudenell Creek, which was a definite public health hazard. A recent water quality study of the Brudenell Greek has indicated the Village of Killaloe Station as the source of this contamination. However, it is expected that this situation will be corrected with the installation of the village sewage works, which is presently in the final design stage. Similarly, the substantial nutrient input detected in Brudenell Creek should diminish with the completion of the Killaloe sewage works. The chemical water quality was good with low concentrations of nutrients and small amounts of suspended algae throughout the lake. However, a relatively high percentage of the total shoreline length was populated by heavy growths of aquatic plants. The decomposition of these growths may contribute to the low dissolved oxygen concentrations in the bottom waters in October which were unsuitable for sensitive fish. Cottagers should ensure that their waste disposal systems are functioning property to prevent nutrients and bacteria from gaining access to the lake. The incidence of swimmer's itch in Golden Lake is a most significant water quality problem. Studies carried out over the past few years by staff of the Ministry of the Environment on Golden Lake have indicated that control methods presently available are not very effective however and chemical methods of control are not recommended.
Date: 1972
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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