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Nutrient - phytoplankton relationships in eight Southern Ontario lakes

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Title: Nutrient - phytoplankton relationships in eight Southern Ontario lakes
Author: Christie, A. E.
Abstract: In situ relationships between nutrient availability and algal production were investigated simultaneously in eight lakes of the Trent River drainage basin. Three lakes were found to be oligotrophic, one-mesotrophic and four-eutrophic. No differences between lakes were evident with respect to levels of total phosphorus, inorganic nitrogen, sulfate or iron. Distinctions between lakes with respect to phytoplankton production were found to be directly related to alkalinity levels. Additions of oxidized inorganic or biodegradable carbonaceous material to a low alkalinity lake water were found to stimulate algal production when sufficient nitrogen and phosphorus were present.
Date: 1968
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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