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Report on Grand River drainage

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Title: Report on Grand River drainage
Author: Department of Lands and Forests, Ontario
Abstract: The questions of the frequently occurring floods of the Grand River and the water supply and sewage disposal of the municipalities adjoining the river have become matters of concern to the various local authorities. The Grand River Valley Boards of Trade, being representative of the municipalities along the valley, decided to inquire into the general situation, in order that a solution to the various problems could be arrived at. To this end they petitioned the Government of the Province of Ontario, and a meeting was held of a deputation from that body and yourself as Minister of Lands and Forests, on March 6th, 1931. At the request of the deputation for engineering assistance in the consideration of the problems, the undersigned were requested to proceed with an investigation and report on the following matters: municipal water supply; sewage disposal; flood control; power development possibilities; and, afforestation.
Date: 1932
Rights: King's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: King's Printer for Ontario

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