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Speed River nitrification study: Microbiological survey report

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Title: Speed River nitrification study: Microbiological survey report
Author: Qureshi, Ansar A.
Abstract: The population distributions of nitrifying bacteria were examined in Speed River downstream of Guelph Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Both ammonia-oxidizers (Nitrosomonas) and nitrite-oxidizers (Nitrobacter) were found in substantial numbers in waters and sediments. The strikingly high densities of these bacteria in sediments indicate that the river bed may be the site of nitrification. Maximum levels of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter were observed both in waters and sediments downstream of STP between stations S6 and S10. This stretch of the Speed river may be classified as the "Zone of Nitrification".
Date: 1976
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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