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Report of water quality in Devil Lake Frontenac County

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Title: Report of water quality in Devil Lake Frontenac County
Author: Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Abstract: Surveys were carried out during June, August and September of 1974, to evaluate the bacterial, chemical and biological quality of the waters of Devil Lake. Devil Lake, comprised of eight contiguous basins with a maximum depth of 42 m (138 feet), is located in Frontenac County about 35 miles (56 km) north of Kingston. Most of it's approximately 220 cottages and four resorts are confined to the northern and eastern sections of the 23 miles (36 km) of shoreline. The June survey showed that the bacteriological water quality of Devil Lake in 1974 was good and with only one exception, was within the Ministry of the Environment Microbiological Criteria for Total Body Contact Recreational Use. The bacterial densities in the mouth of the western inflow (Stn. 15) were high and this was thought to be due to animal activities. Several other scattered locations had densities of coliforms higher than the main group but none approached the Recreational Criteria. The total coliform levels in the bottom waters were much lower than that of the surface waters. As is usual in lakes of this depth, dissolved oxygen became progressively depleted in the bottom waters, reaching a minimum of 5% of saturation in the deepest waters by late September. This degree of depletion has adverse implications on the continued presence of cold water fish species (lake trout) in Devil Lake. The mineral quality of the waters was low and stable, with a moderate hardness as is characteristic of lakes on the Precambrian Shield. Phosphorus and iron levels showed an accumulation in the bottom waters from spring to fall, but remained low in the surface waters. Algae levels were indicated to be consistently low by chlorophyll a measurements. The shallower areas of the lake provided a suitable habitat for a wide variety of common aquatic plants.
Date: 1974
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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