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Biological survey of Nipigon Bay 1966 - 1967

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Title: Biological survey of Nipigon Bay 1966 - 1967
Author: German, M. J.
Abstract: This report deals with biological and water sampling surveys performed on Nipigon Bay in May, 1966 and August, 1967. Sanitary wastes from the townsite of Red Rock and process wastes from Domtar Newsprint Limited are discharged to the northwestern portion of Nipigon Bay, several hundred feet north of Five Mile Point. At this point of entry, extremely high concentrations of solids, COD, phenols, iron and sulphides were detected by chemical analyses. Concentrations of these parameters were greatly reduced within a short distance from this point of introduction. Comparative studies of threshold odours of the water, tainting of fish flesh and standing crops of bottom fauna throughout the bay revealed water quality impairment in the vicinity of Domtar Newsprint Limited. Specifically, these studies revealed the presence of objectionable odour in the surface water between the point of wastes discharge and Five Mile Point, unpalatable flavour of flesh in fish secured from the same general area and elimination and replacement of indigenous bottom fauna by pollution-tolerant forms within a one and one-half mile radius of the wastes source.
Date: 1968
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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