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Water quality of the upper Great Lakes

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Title: Water quality of the upper Great Lakes
Author: International Joint Commission
Abstract: In 1972 the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was entered into which initiated a reference to study Lake Huron and Lake Superior and to identify pollution and degradation of those lakes. By letter of April 15, 1972, the Commission was requested to enquire into and to report upon the following questions: 1. Are the waters of Lake Superior and Lake Huron being polluted on either side of the boundary to an extent (a) which is causing or is likely to cause injury to health or property on the other side of the boundary, or (b) which is causing, or likely to cause, a degradation of existing levels of water quality in these two lakes or in downstream portions of the Great Lakes System? 2. If the foregoing questions are answered in the affirmative, to what extent, by what causes, and in what localities is such pollution taking place? 3. If the Commission should find that pollution of the character just referred to is taking place, what remedial measures would, in its judgement, be most practicable to restore and protect the quality of the waters, and what would be the probable cost? 4. In the event that the Commission should find that little or no pollution of the character referred to is taking place at the present time, what preventive measures would in its judgement, be most practicable to ensure that such pollution does not occur in the future and what would be the probable cost?
Date: 1979
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Rights Holder: International Joint Commission

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