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Soil water models a review

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Title: Soil water models a review
Author: De Jong, R.
Abstract: The development of soil water models, including those which deal with soil water uptake by plant roots, are reviewed and compared. Major assumptions employed in the three types of models, the physical based-, the budget-, and the combination ones, are discussed. The physical based- and the combination models can be easily adopted to a wide range of soil, climate and crop conditions. Their major drawback of requiring extensive knowledge of soil and crop characteristics limits the widespread use of this approach at the present time. On the other hand, the budget models require a low level of input, but need to be recalibrated if they are used in environments other than those for which they were derived. Suggestions are made regarding future use if the models are employed for areal soil water estimates.
Date: 1981
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Minister of Supply and Services Canada

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