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Bacterial pollution indicators and rainfall - induced runoff, greenbelt farm drainage system

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Title: Bacterial pollution indicators and rainfall - induced runoff, greenbelt farm drainage system
Author: Tennant, A. D.; Bastien, J. A. P.; Toxopeus, R.; Dixon, J. L.; Marion, R. M.; Hayes, J. P.; Beauchamp, M.
Abstract: This report presents and summarizes data for three standard bacteriological pollution parameters applied to 1,786 water samples and 53 liquid manure samples tested during an April to November, 1972, surveillance study of land drainage systems at the Greenbelt Farm, Nepean Township, conducted in cooperation with the Animal Research Institute, Research Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture. Fecal bacterial numbers in liquid manure varied widely, and were relatively low in long-stored manure. Median counts for fecal bacteria in drainage water tended to be satisfactory in terms of recreational water quality objectives during relatively dry weather, but runoff during the unusually-wet summer of 1972 caused major increases in bacterial numbers, with density peaks closely following episodes of heavy rainfall. This occurred in the presence or absence of manuring activity in the drainage basin, and it was postulated that wild animal and bird populations constitute important sources of fecal pollution in Farm runoff. Evidence is presented that there are other significant pollution sources on the watershed of Black Rapids Creek downstream from the Greenbelt farm, but that, under dry weather conditions, the Creek outfall had no demonstrable effect on the bacteriological water quality of the Rideau River. Ninety-nine per cent of 3,049 fecal coliform cultures isolated from water and liquid manure samples were identified as Escherichia96 per cent were typical E. coli type I.
Date: 1972
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Environment Canada

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