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National workshop proceedings agricultural impacts on water quality: Canadian perspectives - Ottawa, Ontario, April 23-24, 1992

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Title: National workshop proceedings agricultural impacts on water quality: Canadian perspectives - Ottawa, Ontario, April 23-24, 1992
Author: Milburn, P.; Nicholaichuk, W.; Topp, C.
Abstract: The National Workshop on "Agricultural Impacts on Water Quality: Canadian Perspectives" was organized as a result of a recommendation submitted by the Canada Committee on Engineering Services in Agriculture and Food (CCESAF) to the Canadian Agricultural Services Coordinating Committee (CASCC) in November 1989. The concept of such a Workshop was also supported by the Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research (CLBRR) and the Canada Committee on Land Resources Services (CCLRS). The Workshop objective was to provide a national forum for the exchange of scientific information on the impacts of agricultural practices on water quality in Canada, and to discuss future needs and trends (i.e., research, regulation, guidelines). Specific goals were to provide concise, national overviews of: 1) the results of Canadian agricultural and non-agricultural studies that quantify or assess the impacts of agricultural production practices on water quality, 2) the background objectives and type of information expected from on-going studies related to agriculture and water quality, 3) existing and proposed regulation/guidelines that affect agricultural practices, 4) information gaps/future research needs, as identified by workshop participants during scheduled discussion periods. A unique cross- section of regulators, researchers, consultants, producers, and agri-business representatives attended the Workshop. Consistent with the multidisciplinary nature of water and water quality, Workshop speakers represented several disciplines, interests, and agencies both within and outside of traditional agriculture. These Proceedings contain recommendations to the Canadian Agricultural Research Council (CARC) and the text of presentations delivered at the Workshop. The presentations are divided into those addressing the results of research (Section 1) and those dealing with regulations/guidelines (Section 2). Recommendations to CARC were prepared by the Planning/Program Committee, and represent the dominant themes identified by participants in their discussion groups.
Date: 1992
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Canadian Agricultural Research Council

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