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Resource catalog of information on agricultural best management practices that positively influence climate change

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Title: Resource catalog of information on agricultural best management practices that positively influence climate change
Author: Soil Conservation Council of Canada
Abstract: For several years now the debates over climate change have focused on factors such as the sources of greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions and how they negatively affect our climate. Canada’s agriculture industry has been identified as a contributor to these ghg emissions. Although agricultural producers (both grain and livestock) can be considered as a source of ghg’s, they should also be considered as part of a national mitigation strategy to reduce ghg’s when they adopt agricultural best management practices for climate change. Many producers have already adopted best management practices through conservation land management strategies. Many more are being made aware of the potential for the agriculture industry to reduce ghg’s and helps to meet our international commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. One method of making Canada’s agriculture producers aware of how to reduce ghg’s and how they can contribute to climate change is to provide them with a catalog of where to find information on agricultural practices as they relate to climate change. This publication is the result of a two-month literature search that compiled extension and research information for producers to help them better understand climate change and how the adoption of best management practices can positively affect our climate. Over two hundred agrologists, researchers, government extension specialists and producer groups across Canada and the United States were contacted and asked to provide information for the catalog. In addition the Internet was thoroughly searched to identify sources of information on climate change and carbon sequestration in relation to agricultural practices. In Canada the task of creating extension materials for producers has been that of provincial agriculture departments and the major agriculture producer groups with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada providing research results for the development of extension materials. In the U.S. much of the available information has been developed through the USDA, several universities and through privately funded groups. The majority of the information in this catalog has come from these sources in Canada and the US. Much more information will be forthcoming, however, as many research programs initiated in the past few years will yield results in the near future for extension materials. As this material will be generated through existing organizations, departments and institutions, a list of contact information and people has been included in the catalog. These contacts should be considered as valuable sources of future information and material. The catalog Table of Contents lists the categories of materials with sub-categories for fact sheets, brochures, news articles, research reports etc. Individual items under each category are listed alphabetically by title or source whichever is more significant. The reader will note that some of the materials are not published specifically as climate change best management practices. I have included these materials as they are good information sources on agricultural best management practices that are considered as positive contributors to climate change even though they are not noted as such in the text. This catalog should not be considered as a complete listing of extension materials or contributors to this information. Climate change information is constantly being produced and may not have been identified or even available during the literature search. The catalog should, however, adequately function as a starting point for producers in their search for information on how to raise agricultural products while doing the best job of protecting the environment and climate.
Date: 2001
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Soil Conservation Council of Canada

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