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Climage change: We are at risk - Final report

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Title: Climage change: We are at risk - Final report
Author: Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry
Abstract: From November 2002 to May 2003, the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry examined the effects of climate change on Canada’s agricultural and forestry sectors and rural communities. This study is a direct result of the Committee’s previous study, Canadian Farmers at Risk.1 As part of that study, the Committee travelled to the Maritimes to hear from farmers about their concerns. Farmers repeatedly expressed apprehension about changes in climate and were unsure as to how they could cope with - or adapt to - apparently new climate scenarios. After identifying the leading researchers in the field of climate change and adaptation in Canada and abroad, the Committee heard from witnesses at the forefront in this area from universities, research centres, and governments across Canada as well as internationally. The Committee took a country-wide approach and actively sought the views of farmer organizations, rural associations, ecotourism groups, and environmental and conservation organizations from all regions of Canada. The Committee held hearings in Ottawa and travelled to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia (see the Appendix for a complete list of witnesses). Throughout the hearings, the Committee was especially interested in learning about effective adaptation strategies for Canadians. Farmers, forest operators and rural communities are already facing and adapting to a wide range of risks and opportunities that arise from changes in market conditions, domestic regulations, trade policies, technology, and other factors. This study thus extends the work presented in the Committee’s last report, Canadian Farmers at Risk, which examined short- and long-term issues affecting the health of Canada’s agricultural and agri-food industry. The Committee tabled an interim report in June 2003. The Committee then returned to the same witnesses and invited them to propose relevant and realistic recommendations that could help Canadians in rural areas and also, where applicable, in urban areas to adapt to climate change. This report expresses the views and concerns of the various witnesses, and provide specific recommendations to help ensure that Canada successfully responds and adapts to climate change, thereby assuring the continued prosperity of our agriculture and forestry sectors and our rural communities.
Date: 2003
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Government of Canada

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