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Maintenance program for three Southwestern Ontario watersheds 1994-95

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Title: Maintenance program for three Southwestern Ontario watersheds 1994-95
Author: Research and Planning Unit, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority; Pond, Kevin; Hermans, Paul; Geurts, Hugh
Abstract: Following the completion of the overall SWEEP program, there was no longer a framework in place to continue activities in the Pilot watersheds, such as encouragement for the landowners to adopt conservation tillage/cropping practices, and monitoring of the water quality as a result of these land activities. The intent of the 'maintenance program' was to provide funding for short-term maintenance activities in three of the watersheds (Kintore, Essex, and Kettle), to sustain the levels of landowner adoption of conservation tillage practices attained at the end of the SWEEP program, and to continue to monitor the outflowing water quality. The objectives of the 1994-95 Maintenance Program for the three Southwestern Ontario Subwatersheds are: 1) To encourage continued adoption of conservation tillage/cropping practices on the three subwatersheds through dialogue with the landowners, and 2) To monitor selected agronomic and environmental (water quality and quantity) parameters in the three watersheds using existing monitoring equipment from previous programs, in support of other environmental research programs sited on the three watersheds.
Date: 1995
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada

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