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Green Plan research workshop 1995 summaries

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Title: Green Plan research workshop 1995 summaries
Author: Accord Management Committee, Canada-Ontario Environmental Sustainability Accord
Abstract: A Research Coordinating Committee was established by the Management Committee in order to provide some degree of independent review and monitoring of the research projects, through the developmental stages as well as during the active phases of the research program. At the end of the fiscal year in March, a 2-day Research Program Workshop was held at which all of the contractors made either platform or poster presentations of the progress on their respective projects. The Research Coordinating Committee and the Project Teams, along with other management personnel, were invited to participate in the workshop and to make comments to the contractors. The proceedings of the workshops (executive summaries, and transcripts of discussion groups) are summarized in this report.
Date: 1995
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada

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