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Evaluating the Influences of Dissection- and Prosection-based Laboratory Environments and the Use of a Computer-assisted Learning Resource on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Human Anatomy

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Title: Evaluating the Influences of Dissection- and Prosection-based Laboratory Environments and the Use of a Computer-assisted Learning Resource on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Human Anatomy
Author: McWatt, Sean
Department: Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Program: Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Advisor: Jadeski, Lorraine
Abstract: Human anatomy is traditionally taught through didactic lectures and interactive dissection-based laboratory activities. This dissection-based format, however, is often limited by factors such as insufficient time, money, personnel, and resources. These limitations have led to the development and widespread use of several alternate teaching approaches in higher education. Two of the most popular alternative approaches to human anatomy education are prosection-based laboratories and the use of computer-assisted learning resources. However, very limited research exists surrounding how these different teaching approaches influence the students’ learning process and long-term outcomes of their learning. Accordingly, through three separate research studies, this work investigated the influences of dissection- and prosection-based laboratories, as well as the use of a computer-assisted learning resource, on students’ subjective course experiences, approaches to learning, academic performance, and long-term anatomical knowledge retention. All three studies used students’ approaches to learning as measures of educational quality, acknowledging the use of deep approaches as representative of meaningful learning. The findings from the first study indicated that an ‘enhanced’ prosection-based design may be a productive approach to teaching anatomy; however, participation in dissection better encouraged deep approaches to learning and may have promoted skill development. A novel curriculum-targeted computer-assisted learning resource was then created, introduced into the course as a supplemental resource, and evaluated for its impact on learning in the second study. The results indicated that students who reported high satisfaction with the resource used deeper learning approaches in anatomy. The third study examined the influence of the learning environment and use of the resource on long-term knowledge retention. No significant difference in knowledge recall ability was detected between dissection and prosection students; however, use of the computer-assisted learning resource was positively associated with performance on high-order knowledge recall tasks. Taken together, these results support the use of dissection-based laboratories and supplemental computer-assisted learning resources for teaching and learning in human anatomy. However, the prosection-based approach may offer an acceptable option for institutions faced with restrictive limitations. Furthermore, the work in this thesis advocates for the evaluation of educational interventions using multiple different measures of students’ academic success to ensure high-quality outcomes are achieved.
Date: 2019-01
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