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A Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) plan

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Title: A Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) plan
Author: Smiderle, Janette
Abstract: The Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Plan is the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority's effort in outlining the relative impact of bacterial pollution and phosphorus loading sources on selected beach areas with the S.V.C.A.'s jurisdiction. Through funding made available by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, a conservation beach area (Durham) affected by beach closures and a degrading river system (Penetangore) which outlets into Lake Huron were each investigated for a two year period. Shoreline cottages from Southampton to Point Clark were estimated and included in the CURB model due to the concern over their use of septic systems and their potential negative impact on Lake Huron. This report outlines an implementation strategy which, if adopted, will reduce bacterial and phosphorus loading in the target areas and thereby reduce potential impacts at downstream swimming areas. What is presented in this CURB Plan is the amalgamation of two separate reports written by two different authors during separate study efforts. They are displayed as separate entities due to the differences in data collection and presentation and in the methodology used in the modelling process.
Date: 1992
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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