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Rideau Valley Rural Beaches Program water quality study 1990

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Title: Rideau Valley Rural Beaches Program water quality study 1990
Author: Davidson, Terry K.
Abstract: 1990 marked the beginning of the Rural Beaches Program for the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. The mandate of the program was to investigate surface water quality in the Rideau River from Smiths Falls to Mooneys Bay and identify non-point sources of water pollution. An intensive water sampling program revealed fecal coliform bacteria levels were generally below the MOE guideline of 100 organisms per 100 ml in the centre channel only, from Kilmarnock to Mooneys Bay. However, there are numerous locations along the shoreline influenced by local conditions and sites downstream of tributaries that are above the MOE guideline. Fecal coliform levels in the tributaries of the Rideau River were mostly above the MOE guideline. This suggested that dilution in the river is responsible for the lower fecal coliform levels. The water sampling program also revealed total phosphorus levels were above the MOE guideline of 0.03 mg/L in the Rideau River and increased in concentration from Smiths Falls to Black Rapids Dam. Also, chlorophyll A levels were above the MOE guideline of 5.0 ?g/L in the Rideau River. The high concentration of total phosphorus and chlorophyll A suggest that the Rideau River is experiencing eutrophication which is very visible in the form of excessive aquatic plants and algae blooms. Sources of fecal coliform bacteria and phosphorus included urban stormwater runoff, sewer overflows, sewage treatment plants, livestock access, manure storage facilities and agricultural runoff. The Rideau River within the study area was acknowledged for providing water-based recreation along the whole reach, not only at established beaches.
Date: 1990
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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