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Grand River Conservation Authority nutrient management pilot project 1994

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dc.coverage.spatial Grand River
dc.coverage.spatial Ontario 2019-01-17T19:56:47Z 2019-01-17T19:56:47Z 1994
dc.description.abstract This Pilot Project was initiated to examine the possibility of implementing the Nutrient Management Computer Program into the Clean Up Rural Beach (CURB) program. The importance of nutrient management, labour requirements of the computer program and landowner concerns were examined. Nutrient management is the management of nutrients on a land base to ensure reasonable crop production while minimizing offsite impacts. Nutrient management has many advantages which depending on the situation may include: the reduction of nutrient loading into streams and ponds, the protection of groundwater reserves, and the possible reduction in fertilizer use. The possible reduction in fertilizer may reduce the costs of crop production as well as ensuring the efficient use of resources. This project involved collection of 66 manure samples and all samples underwent analysis for nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, percentage dry matter and ammonium nitrogen. For all samples the "Nutrient Management Computer Program" aided discussions of Nutrient Management with landowners. The Nutrient Management Computer Program is a development of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affair (OMAFRA) to aid extension workers with nutrient management discussions. The program considers the crop requirements and contrasts these with the nutrient availabilities to determine the nutrient status of individual fields. On average the time requirement for manure sampling was one half hour to a full hour while the computer program took from a half hour to three hours to complete with landowners. Landowners were generally very eager and interested in the information provided to them in this time frame. Through the discussions a number of information gaps in the program were discovered. The completion of the Nutrient Management computer program often led to discussions of nutrient management related matters and concerns. These discussions included such topics as the differences in nutrient values between roofed and non- roofed manure storages, composting and different cropping practices often emerged from the discussion of nutrient management. The Nutrient Management Computer Program aids and compliments nutrient management discussions. It is recommended that the program be used in the Clean Up Rural Beaches Program to aid in the discussion of manure and nutrient management on the farm.
dc.description.sponsorship Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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dc.title Grand River Conservation Authority nutrient management pilot project 1994
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