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The Grand River Conservation Authority Clean Up Rural Beaches 1992 report

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Title: The Grand River Conservation Authority Clean Up Rural Beaches 1992 report
Author: Ryan, Tracey
Abstract: Nineteen-ninety-two represents the Grand River Conservation Authority's first full year of participation in the Ontario Ministry of the Environment's Clean Up Rural Beaches Program. During 1992 the GRCA provided approximately $281,000 for 62 water quality improvement projects in the three target watersheds: the Upper Conestogo River, the Upper Nith River and the Upper Speed River. The grant provided financial assistance for the construction of 21 septic systems, 20 manure handling projects, 15 livestock restriction projects and 6 milkhouse waste storages. The majority of the projects were constructed in the Upper Nith River and Upper Conestogo River watersheds. Only 4 projects were completed in the Upper Speed River watershed. Water quality monitoring identified a number of interesting trends. The water quality in the Nith River is the poorest of the three sub-basins. The fecal coliform densities recorded in the Nith River are very similar to the high values recorded in 1986. The Upper Conestogo River on the other hand recorded somewhat lower fecal coliform densities in 1992 than in past sampling years. In the Speed River watershed a dramatic decrease in fecal coliform densities was observed at Mudhole Creek. Upstream of this site the livestock had been fenced from the watercourse. A survey of waste disposal systems at Lake Conestogo found that very few systems have a direct impact on the Lake. The potential for pollution is greatest from systems that have steel tanks. The study recommends that these tanks be replaced before they become a serious problem. The survey also discovered that very few cottage owners understand their septic system. Proper management and maintenance of septic systems at the Lake needs to be encouraged.
Date: 1993
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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