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Master Implementation Plan: Soils and agronomy - SWEEP-Pilot Watershed Program

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Title: Master Implementation Plan: Soils and agronomy - SWEEP-Pilot Watershed Program
Author: Conservation Management Systems
Abstract: The Master Implementation Plan (MIP) is a document that lays the foundation for implementation of the Pilot Watershed Project (PWP) of SWEEP. In this report the MIP is presented for agronomic aspects of the Pilot Watershed Project - namely the soil, crop, social and economic dimensions of the project. The purpose of the MIP is to provide a blueprint for implementation of the on-farm phase of the PWP. The objectives pursued in preparation of the MIP correspond to the themes of report chapters that follow; these are: 1. to characterize study watersheds, the associated soil and water conservation issues and the conservation farming practices that speak to these issues, 2. to outline research needs, data requirements and monitoring protocols that will enable an analysis of the agronomic effects of implemented measures, 3. to describe on-farm implementation plans including farm planning methods and arrangements for record keeping and cooperator compensation, and 4. to outline administrative arrangements for technical coordination and communications.
Date: 1988
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada

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