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Evaluation of conservation systems: Cooperator attitude change - Pilot Watershed Study, SWEEP

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Title: Evaluation of conservation systems: Cooperator attitude change - Pilot Watershed Study, SWEEP
Author: Ecologistics Limited
Abstract: The mandate of the Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program (SWEEP) was to reduce phosphorus loadings to the Lake Erie basin and to maintain or improve agricultural productivity by reducing or correcting soil erosion and degradation. Conservation cropping and tillage systems were identified as the best means to achieve these goals over such a wide geographic region as the Lake Erie watershed. The Pilot Watershed Study (PWS) was developed as a means of evaluating the impact of conservation systems on soil erosion and degradation, water quality and crop production when implemented on a watershed basis. This report documents the evaluation of conservation systems and factors that affect the adoption of soil and water conservation practices and influence farmer attitudes towards these practices. The specific objectives of the study were: 1. to obtain cooperator perceptions of on-farm soil erosion and local water quality change over the life span of the project, 2. to determine the changes which occurred in cooperator attitude toward the merits of conservation practices and their own willingness to accept risk related to implementing conservation practices, 3. to track the main reasons cooperators decided to continue to work with or discontinue the use of specific conservation practices over time and across types of enterprise, 4. to determine cooperator perceptions of effectiveness of individual conservation practices in controlling erosion, of practice impact on crop yields and farm profitability and the extent to which the practice is accepted in the community, and 5. to determine the degree to which the cooperators have "owned" the soil erosion problem and its resolution.
Date: 1994
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada

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