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Manure management in conservation farming

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Title: Manure management in conservation farming
Author: Samson, R.; Weill, A.; Arkinstall, A.; Quinn, J.
Abstract: The agronomic use of manure was evaluated in four major field crops in Southern Ontario (corn, soybeans, winter wheat and alfalfa) over a three year period (1989-91). The principle objective of the research was to identify manure management systems which result in good agronomic yields and minimize the potential for environmental pollution. Systems were developed which emphasized nutrient cycling and ground cover. Cover crops, crop rotation and reduced tillage were considered to be important components in the development of a more holistic manure management system. The experiments were conducted on farms with the active participation of four farmer cooperators. The overall approach in the research trials was to: 1) apply manure during a low runoff period (late summer), incorporate manure with surface tillage, seed a fast growing cover crop (to conserve nutrients and provide ground cover) and subsequently establish the main crop the following spring using a conservation tillage system and 2) apply manure during a high runoff period (spring, early summer) directly to an established crop (providing high ground cover) and prior to a period of high biomass accumulation (minimizing nutrient leaching potential).
Date: 1992
Rights: In Copyright - Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada

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