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Sediment basin demonstration project

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Title: Sediment basin demonstration project
Author: Graham, Andrew; Knight, Gerald
Abstract: An in-channel sediment basin was constructed on the Avon Municipal Drain, Lot 16, Con. II of North Easthope Township. This uppermost section of the Avon falls into the SAREMP's Demonstration Sub-Watershed where a variety of remedial measures have been put into place over the three-year study period. The purpose of the sediment basin was to determine the costs and benefits of sediment basin construction in municipal drainage works with regard to reduced drain cleanouts and improved water quality. The basin constructed in November, 1980 at an approximate cost of $4000. Over the first two years of its operation, the basin has trapped 1031 yd3 of sediment. The demonstration project has been well received both locally and by visiting professional personnel. Continued monitoring of the basin's effectiveness will give a better indication of cleanout frequency and of the long-term effect on water quality.
Date: 1983
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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