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Nitrogen transport and transformation in Canagagigue Creek

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Title: Nitrogen transport and transformation in Canagagigue Creek
Author: Robinson, J. B.; Kaushik, N. K.; Chatarpaul, L.
Abstract: In recent years it has been observed that some of the nitrate-N entering streams is lost from water, presumably as a result of denitrification in the sediment. This loss depends, among other factors, upon quality and quantity of organic matter and on water temperature. Thus all the nitrate-N received in streams from non-point sources as a result of agricultural or other land use activities may not actually reach lakes. It was with this background that the present project on Canagagigue Creek, draining PLUARG watershed AG-4, was started. The primary aim of the project was to determine whether nitrate-N in transport in the stream was denitrified, and if so, at what rate. The project was divided into two components, one dealing with laboratory studies and the other comprising field investigations. The purpose of laboratory studies was to determine whether sediments from the two branches of the stream promoted nitrate loss from overlying water and through the use of labelled nitrate-N, to elucidate the exact mechanism of such loss. In field investigations, it was intended that a selected reach of Canagagigue Creek be studied in order to calculate short term nitrogen budgets and determine rates of nitrate-N loss from the stream.
Date: 1978
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