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Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Energy Applications Based on Regular and Composite Nano-Phase Change Materials

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dc.contributor.advisor Mahmud, Shohel
dc.contributor.advisor Dutta, Animesh Al-Jethelah, Manar 2018-10-31T17:10:57Z 2019-09-07T05:00:46Z 2018-10-31 2018-09-07 2018-10-31
dc.description.abstract The fluctuating behavior of thermal solar energy creates an enormous need to store thermal solar energy during available periods and use it when unavailable. Among different thermal energy storage techniques, latent thermal energy storage using phase change materials or PCMs has many attractive characteristics, e.g. a low ratio of volume to energy, and isothermal charging and discharging processes. However, the thermal behavior of most phase change materials is alleviated by their low thermal conductivity. To study the potential enhancement of the performance of latent thermal energy storage, dispersing metallic nanoparticles and using metal foams were investigated in the present work. Rectangular and square thermal storage units were studied both experimentally and numerically. Furthermore, a scale analysis of the melting process was performed. In addition, energy streamlines and heatline calculations were performed. Finally, exergy analyses were performed for closed latent heat storage. The numerical model used in the porous case was the Brinkman model. The experimental and numerical results showed that the metal foam significantly enhanced the thermal behavior of the thermal storage unit when compared with the nanoparticles. In order to improve the nano-PCM thermal behavior, more nanoparticles should be used. Nevertheless, using high volume fractions of nanoparticles caused sedimentation. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research- Iraq en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Nano-PCM en_US
dc.subject thermal storage en_US
dc.subject solar energy en_US
dc.subject porous medium en_US
dc.title Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Energy Applications Based on Regular and Composite Nano-Phase Change Materials en_US Engineering en_US Doctor of Philosophy en_US School of Engineering en_US
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