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Turbulence, Gravity, and Multimessenger Asteroseismology

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Title: Turbulence, Gravity, and Multimessenger Asteroseismology
Author: Westernacher-Schneider, John Ryan
Department: Department of Physics
Program: Physics
Advisor: Lehner, Luis
Abstract: {\bf Part IA:} We present numerical measurements of relativistic scaling relations in $(2+1)$-dimensional conformal fluid turbulence, which perform favourably over their non-relativistic versions. As seen with incompressible turbulence in past studies, we find that the energy spectrum exhibits $k^{-2}$ scaling rather than the Kolmogorov/Kraichnan expectation of $k^{-5/3}$. {\bf Part IB:} We compute the fractal dimension $D$ of a turbulent anti-deSitter black brane reconstructed from boundary fluid data using the fluid-gravity duality. Our value of $D=2.584(1)$ is consistent with the upper bound $D\leq 3$, resolving a recent claim that $D=3+1/3$. We describe how to covariantly define the fractal dimension of spatial sections of the horizon, and we speculate on assigning a `bootstrapped' value to the entire horizon. {\bf Part II:} We report progress implementing a fluid code with post-Newtonian (PN) gravity in spherical symmetry. The PN formalism couples a fluid, its self-gravity, and a black hole via elliptic equations. This eliminates radiative modes, allowing larger time steps, which is helpful for studying systems with very long time scales, eg. tidal disruption events. {\bf Part III:} Asteroseismology of rotating core-collapse supernovae is possible with a multimessenger strategy. We show an $l=2$, $m=0$, $n\gtrsim 2$, $f\lesssim 280$ Hz mode of the core is responsible for emission in gravitational waves and neutrinos. The angular harmonics of the neutrino emission is consistent with the mode energy around the neutrinospheres, where $r\sim 70$ km. Thus, neutrinos carry information about the mode in the outer region of the core, whereas gravitational waves probe the deep inner core $r \lesssim 30$ km.
Date: 2018-10
Rights: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
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