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Human Form, Phronesis, and Euboulia

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Title: Human Form, Phronesis, and Euboulia
Author: Zheng, Tiger
Department: Department of Philosophy
Program: Philosophy
Advisor: Hacker-Wright, John
Abstract: In this thesis I answer the question of how claims about human form can play a role in the deliberation of agents within the framework of neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics. As raised by both Jennifer Frey and Matthias Haase, the central tension that I address is one between the first personal nature of deliberation and the third personal nature of claims about human form. In response, I develop and advance the view that moral development entails the acquisition of experience with which agents come to understand the third personal claims about human form in the first person, and that, ultimately, the development of the intellectual virtue of good deliberation (euboulia), on this view, entails a component of interpretation.
Date: 2018-09
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