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Land stewardship cropping systems for corn and soybean production in Ontario

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Title: Land stewardship cropping systems for corn and soybean production in Ontario
Author: Kay, B. D.; VYN, T. J.; Sheard, R. W.
Abstract: A dramatic increase in the land area utilized for corn and bean production in Ontario has occurred since 1960. The move towards row crops has been accompanied by increasing reliance on off-farm inputs. Increasing emphasis on row crop production has also resulted in detrimental changes in the physical properties of some soils. New cropping systems are required which will maintain or improve soil structure, reduce nitrogen fertilizer use and increase profitability in row crop production. This study has focused on the use of forages (particularly legumes) and a reduction in tillage as possible ways to improve soil structure and reduce nitrogen use. Four aspects have been investigated: (a) assessment of cropping systems for soybeans utilizing different tillage and combinations of preceding crops, (b) refinement of management practices for the use of red clover as a companion crop underseeded in corn or cereals, (c) evaluation of different forage species as cover crops and (d) development of the capability to predict the response of a range of different soils when forages are used to improve soil structure.
Date: 1993
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