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Annual water balances and phosphorus loading for Lake Simcoe (1990-1998)

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Title: Annual water balances and phosphorus loading for Lake Simcoe (1990-1998)
Author: Scott, L. D.; Winter, J. G.; Futter, M. N.; Girard, R. E.
Abstract: One of the primary objectives of Phase II of the Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy was to estimate the total phosphorus loading upon the Lake Simcoe catchment. This report presents methods and results relating to that objective, based on the hydrologic water year of June 1st to May 31st of the subsequent year 1990 - 1998. A three-stage analysis of annual water balances was performed on the hydrological data collected throughout the study period . An annual summary of total phosphorus loads (kg yr-1) to Lake Simcoe is presented in which five point source categories are proportionally described. The atmospheric and tributary sources constitute the greatest overall contribution. Atmospheric contribution ranged from 23% (1996-97) to 56% (1993-1994) while tributaries accounted for 17% (1994-95) to 48% (1992-93) of total phosphorus loads. Urban non-point sources were the third largest source, ranging from 9% (1990-91) to 22% (1994-95 & 1997-98). Urban point sources (sewage treatment plants) and vegetable polders contributed the least with very similar proportions of total phosphorus load to Lake Simcoe. The urban point source ranged from 3% (1990-91, & 1992-93) to 8% (1994-95) and the vegetable polders were from 2% (1994-95) to 8% (1995-96 & 1996-97) of total phosphorus loads.
Date: 2001
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